The Need For God

No. 81 - 06th May 2018

I was listening to a programme on the radio the other day where they were discussing the future of Faith. One of the contributors could see a progression from a time when God was the authority on all things until Darwin came along and suddenly man became the authority. Now the next step is when the computer takes over. He sees a day when we’ll be able to upload the content of the human mind to a computer system in such a way that allows that computer system to operate exactly like the original human being. A disembodied soul. The system will be able to gather the total sum of human knowledge and create a superhuman intelligence. This computer system will also be able to take all the information from the world religions and create in itself, all of the attributes that we currently apply to God. In fact, the computer will supply everything that we need to make this world a better place. God will come out of Silicon Valley and we will no longer need the traditional concept of a God. In fact, there will be no more need for God in our lives.

I have to say the concept doesn’t really work for me. It’s based on the assumption that we as human beings have created the idea of a God in order to fulfil our own perceived spiritual needs. But, I don’t worship God because I need him. I worship him because he is God. He’s the first principle. The starting point from which everything proceeds. I’m sure, many of us reach out to him initially from some sort of need. Maybe it’s fear, or a need for comfort or love or security. But to remain in that state is like a child who never grows up. We’re supposed to grow into maturity. Spiritual maturity. Where our minds and emotions are gradually transformed to be like Christ. That’s why he puts his Spirit in us.

A mature Christian will get past the point of going to God to fulfil their own needs like a child asking for sweets. Instead we begin to relate to God for who He is. We start to ask what can I do for God rather than what can He do for me. In Jesus Christ we see a man who most completely demonstrated the reality of God through his teaching, his miracles and ultimately through overcoming death itself. He’s all the proof I need.

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