Love Song

No. 6 - 18th September 2016

We had two visitors last weekend.  The grown-up daughter of some old friends of ours, came down from London to introduce us to her new fiancé.  Let’s call her Chloe.  It’s not her real name.  Well, Chloe is in her mid thirties now, and had pretty well given up the idea of ever finding the right man.  She’s a bright, highly intelligent, opinionated young woman who would probably frighten off a lot of men.  But the one she introduced us to on Saturday, seemed more than capable of partnering her.  I met them off the train and watched them walking hand in hand down the platform.  Back at our house, they sat together on a sofa, still holding hands, and Chloe was doing a lot of giggling and laughing.  I have to tell you we were highly relieved, because my wife in particular has been praying for this moment for so many years.  I watched Chloe as her fiancé was talking to us.  She would turn sideways; rest her head back against the settee and just gaze at him.  They couldn’t be more in love.

There’s a book in the Bible called the Song of Solomon and it’s just a pure love song.  There’s no mention of God in the whole book and some people wonder why it’s even in the Bible.  But this love song tells the story of a King and a young, dark eyed, Shulamite girl who is longing for her lover to come to her.  It’s a three thousand year old, Middle Eastern song, so the imagery can be a bit unfamiliar, but the passion felt by the King for his bride-to-be, is totally familiar.  “How beautiful you are my darling, your eyes behind your veil are like doves… You have stolen my heart”. 

In the New Testament the Church is called the Bride of Christ, and this love song is thought to represent that coming Messiah and the passionate love he holds for his bride, the people of God.  So, looking at Chloe and her fiancé, you can understand why I’m so reminded of this unique relationship.  Christ has that same commitment to cherish and protect his loved ones.  The same desire to see them flourish and grow and find their freedom and fulfilment in him.  We, on the other hand, can only gaze at him and wonder why on earth he should have chosen me.  What a love song.

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