A Christmas Blessing

No. 20 - 25th December 2016

On this special day, let me start off by wishing you a very Happy Christmas.
During that night, a little over two thousand years ago, a bunch of shepherds were out in the fields looking after their sheep, when suddenly an angel appeared to them, and they were surrounded by a dazzling light which absolutely terrified them. “Don’t be frightened,” the angel said to them. “I’ve come to bring you fantastic news that will bring joy and happiness to everyone. Today, in Bethlehem, a saviour has been born for you. And just so that you know this is for real, you will find a baby wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger”. So the shepherds hurried into Bethlehem, and that’s exactly what they found – just as the angel had said. A baby in a manger that the cattle eat out of. A baby Jesus who was destined to bring about a reconciliation between God and the whole human race.
So, if you’re meeting up with family for Christmas dinner today, then may that same God bless your time together. The first miracle that Jesus performed was at a family wedding reception, when the wine ran out. He turned gallons of water into the best wine they had ever tasted. May that same Jesus bless your family gathering today.
And, if you’re on your own this Christmas, or really struggling to make ends meet, then I want to bless you very specially in the name of that child in a manger, who grew up with such a difficult and lonely path to walk. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you this Christmas day because he knows what you’re suffering. He’s been there before you.
I hope you have a very special Christmas.

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